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30% Supplement Balancer

Hubbard® 30% Horse Supplement contains the optimal level of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to meet the nutrient requirements of your horse. Hubbard Life 30% Horse Supplement is formulated to be fed with home-grown grains, as a top dress or in combination with other Hubbard Life horse feeds when stress or heavy work requires additional supplementation. Hubbard Life 30% Horse Supplement contains high quality protein products, minerals, vitamins and molasses in a pellet to reduce sorting and feed wastage.

Hubbard Cool Command - Controlled Starch

​Horse feeds with lower amounts of carbohydrates  are suggested for horses with certain metabolic concerns.  Hubbard® Cool Command® contains the optimal level of protein, mineral and vitamin fortification to meet the specific nutrient demands of your horse without excessive carbohydrates.   Energy levels are still maintained in the product by use of plant oils.

Hubbard Summit Active

​Hubbard® Summit® is a 14% feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses at all stage of life. Perfect for performance horses, growing horses & brood mares. It is fortified with organic trace minerals, vitamins, and yeast for better nutrient absorption, and overall health of your horse.

Hubbard Horse Feeds are nutritionally balanced to meet the requirements of your horse. Whether your horses are competing, riding trails or enjoying retirement, they'll thrive with Hubbard.​

Hubbard Summit Senior

​Hubbard® Senior is a 14% protein feed that is formulated for the older or inactive horse that may have teeth or other health issues that prevents them from consuming adequate amounts of feed.  Added yeast improves digestibility and nutrient uptake. Highly digestible soluble fiber sources compensate for the reduce feed digestion in aging and stressed horses.