Padded Suede - Chocolate


Team Roper - Leather with Rawhide Edge



3" Roper & All Around

Leather Bell

​Available in all saddle colors

​Available in adult & youth


Horn Styles

Mounted Shooter - Leather

Dogwood & Southwest Combination

Barrel - Leather Covered

Smooth with Border

Waffle Basket

Basket Weave & Oak Leaf & Acorn Combination


Plain Silver

Double C


Saddles can also be ordered without stirrups

Tooling Options

Smooth with Full & Corner Tooling

Forward Lean Barrel/Cutter - Leather

​Also done in rawhide

Rough Out with Border

Silver & Gold Berry

Also available with slots



Double - Team Roper

Cantle Styles

Black Rawhide with Silver Lacing

Once a proper fit is determined, the next step is to choose the type of saddle you would like. Below you will find the options you are able to choose from when building your custom saddle. If you have something else in mind, please mention it to us and we will see what we can do.

In-Skirt C

Double Rounded - All Around

Leather Colors

Natural Rawhide Bell

Available in adult & youth

Padded Suede - Black

Barrel - Natural Rawhide Laced

Also done in white or black

Slanted Aluminum Roper 3" - Leather Bottom



 Seat Styles

Copper Berry

Also available with slots

Rigging Styles

Double D

San Carlos

Oak Leaf & Acorn

All Around Small Post Roper - Leather

Smooth with Border & Corner Tooling


Padded - Distressed Brown

Padded Suede - Stitched

Floral - Fender Corner

Basket Weave

Bright Silver with Gold Rope Edge

Also available with slots

Rounded with Stitched Backhousing

Slotted Plain Silver Dome

Strings & Accessories

 Border Options

Natural Rawhide with Silver Lacing


Roper - Leather Wrapped

White Rawhide with Silver Lacing

Double - Barrel Pleasure

Hard Seat - Smooth

Padded Suede - Toast

Slotted Leather

Rear cinch is optional on all saddles

Also choose leather or nylon tie strap & off billet

Rose - Fender Corner

Single Full Round

Rear Cinch Options

Slanted Aluminum 2 1/4" - Rubber Bottom

Straight aluminum also available

Southwest & Mountain



Single Square

Western Floral

>Matching breastcollar & headstall options are available<


Check out our Custom Saddles page for more info and to 

view some of the custom orders we've had made. 

Please call or email us with any questions you have 
or to schedule a saddle fitting & custom order appointment.



2" Barrel & Trail

Cheyenne Roll

Clip & Dees with Strings

Small Round Barrel

Strings with Slotted Conchos


Spider & Shell

Skirt Options


Double Round Trail

Slanted Aluminum 2 1/4" - Leather Bottom

Straight aluminum also available

Most borders can be combined

Other border options available upon request

Slotted Bright Silver Berry

Also available without slots


Wide Basket Weave

Antique Silver Rope Edge

Also available with slots

Rear cinch hardware available to match the conchos

Natural Rawhide Roper

Also available in white

Strings with Rings

Leather Roper

Available in all saddle colors

Pencil Roll - Leather

Pencil Roll - Rawhide

Padded Smooth

Strings, clip & dees are optional

Location options include:

Front, back & center

All saddles come with breastcollar dees

Single Octagon

8" Heavy Roper

Hard Seat - Rough Out


Custom Saddle Options

Gentry Rig

   Reichert Saddlery & Farm Supply, LLC.

Leonard, MN

Clip & Dees only

Antique Silver Berry

Also available with slots

Rough Out Plain

Any combination of tooling patterns can be created

 Other patterns available upon request 


Arrow Shell

Double - Roper