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Leonard, MN

Get your group together & host a saddle fitting clinic! 

The goal of our clinics are to give the participants a better understanding of proper saddle fit along with an understanding of the factors that need to be considered when determining a proper fit. Clinic participants will receive hands-on education & participation. Some topics covered include:

-Factors to Consider When Saddle Fitting

-Saddle Fitting-Proper Fit vs Poor Fit

-Physical & Behavioral Signs of a Poor Fitting Saddle

-Common Fit Problems & Saddle Fitting Myths

-Saddle Trees, Rigging Styles & Cinch Fit

-Plus much more!

Please contact us at 218-968-2248 for more information

on our saddle fitting clinics

>Custom Saddles

$50 per saddle (additional fees may apply for excessive dirt & grime) 

>Saddle Cleaning & Oiling

>Saddle Fitting

>Saddle Fitting Clinics

 Services We Offer.....

After determining what fits your horse best, we will work with you to put together a saddle that's custom fit to you & your horse. 

With many styles & options to choose from, we can help you design the perfect saddle to meet your needs. 

Please visit our Custom Saddles page under the Saddles tab for more info on our custom saddles!

Through a saddle fitting, we help both you & your horse achieve the best fit possible for optimal comfort & performance

We exclusively use Steele Saddle Tree company saddle trees and their Fit To Be Seen Equi-Fit Saddle Tree Fit template system to determine the right fit for your horse. We take into consideration not only the gullet width, but also bar style and pitch along with activity level, body condition & conformation of your horse.

We are also happy to evaluate the fit of your current saddle

Give us a call to schedule an appointment at 218-968-2248

Saddle fit consultation fee: $50

​This fee is waived with the purchase or order of a new saddle

*We can also do group fittings at your location